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                          UNDERSTANDING IVF SUCCESS RATES

                          New Success Rates are out! See the preliminary success rates for New Hope Fertility Center from SART by clicking here

                          IVF Success RateAt New Hope Fertility Center, we are dedicated to our patients and strive to provide the best IVF possible. We offer IVF without the high dose of drugs and the stress related to high-dose hormone therapy. We don’t refuse care to patients because of their age, FSH levels, or number of follicles (potential eggs) produced each cycle. New Hope Fertility Center is your best choice for customized, natural and successful IVF.

                          It isn’t easy to determine which fertility clinic is right for you. If you are in the process of selecting a fertility center, then it is important to look at clinic success rates and birth rates–you can find them on the SART or CDC websites. However, this isn’t necessarily going to tell you which fertility clinic is “the best.” In fact, these numbers are very hard to figure out. They vary widely based on the patient population and the difficulty of fertility cases that each fertility center handles. IVF protocols and medication recommendations are particular to each doctor, and in the best clinics like New Hope Fertility Center, particular to each unique patient. New Hope Fertility Center specializes in Natural Cycle, Mini-IVF™ treatments, and promotes single-embryo transfers (to reduce risks associated with multiple births)

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